* Procedure to be done in conjunction with a dentist.

If you've experienced problems in the past securing your dentures in place or have concerns about your dentures slipping, dentures over implants is something to consider.

A dental implant is inserted to serve as a permanent anchor for the denture. The dental implant is placed by a dentist; however, we coordinate the procedure with the dentist. Dentures over implants use two to four of these fixtures to secure an entire upper or lower denture into place.

Implant-retained dentures are removable by the wearer. They are flossed and brushed just like natural teeth. 

Benefits for dentures over implants are:

  • Improved confidence
  • Stability during eating
  • Increased preservation of bone
  • Decreased gum tissue shrinkage
  • Less food seepage under the denture
  • Superior esthetics
  • Social interactions accomplished with confidence
  • A feeling close to that of your natural teeth

While dentures over implants require the same routine checkups, occasional adjustment, and replacement after about five years, they are otherwise the closest thing in look and feel to natural teeth.

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