Welcome to Abbotsford-Fraser Denture Clinic

If you wear or need dentures, you want to be assured that your dentures look natural, fit perfectly, and that the only thing anyone will ever notice is your beautiful smile.

Abbotsford-Fraser Denture Clinic guarantees these perfect results and exceptional value.

Registered Denturists Bob Shivji and Boris Eroshevski, with over 35 years combined experience, along with their friendly and caring team of fully trained professionals with the most current knowledge and advances in all aspects of Denturism. Above all, Patient Care and finding solutions for our patients are our No.1 Priority.

Our clinic, located at 2615 Pauline Street, Abbotsford, is only 10 mins from the Sumas-Huntingdon border crossing. It's easily accessible from Chilliwack, Mission, Aldergrove and Langley.

To make an appointment with our denturist, or if you have any questions at all about our denture clinic services, please call 604-859-9921